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A comprehensive set of Muay Thai equipment featuring black Thai-style boxing gloves, matching shin guards, neatly wrapped hand wraps, and a mouthguard inside an open case, all laid out on a white background

Cageside Fight Package 1

Cageside Fight Package 1

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  • Durability You Can Trust: The high-quality, resistant materials of the "Steel Carbon" boxing gloves mean they won't quit until you do—and not a second before.
  • Stay-In-Place Protection: Our "Grip" Shin Guards are innovatively designed to ensure they remain secure regardless of the intensity of your fight or training session.
  • Support with Flexibility: Wrap your hands in comfort that moves with you without sacrificing essential wrist and hand stability.
  • Total Hygiene Control: The Cageside Mouth Guard comes with its case to ensure cleanliness, always providing complete protection when needed.
  • All-In-One Convenience: The Cageside Fight Package 1 bundles top-tier fighting accessories into a single purchase. You can save time and money without compromising on quality.

Designed with fighters' determination in mind, the Cageside Fight Package 1 is the only companion you'll need as you ascend through the ranks. It's more than just equipment; it's a declaration of your commitment to sports excellence.

Thai-Style Boxing Gloves Size Guide:
  • 8oz: Ideal for youth ages 5 to 12, providing a lightweight and comfortable fit for young practitioners getting started in Thai-style boxing.
  • 12oz: Recommended for ladies and young teens, offering a balance between protection and agility during training sessions and sparring.
  • 14oz: Suitable for both ladies and men, this size offers enhanced padding and support for moderate to intense training sessions.
  • 16oz: This is considered the ideal training weight and size for adults, providing ample protection and cushioning for heavy bag work, sparring, and overall practice sessions.
Muay Thai Shin Guards Size Guide: When selecting Muay Thai shin guards, getting the right fit is crucial for maximum protection and comfort during training and sparring. Use this size guide to find the appropriate shin guard size based on your body weight.

Shin Guard Sizing:

  • Medium: This is ideal for individuals weighing under 170 pounds. It is designed to offer a snug fit and proper protection for lighter-weight fighters.
  • Large: Perfect for those in the 170- to 200-pound range, these shin guards provide the coverage and padding needed for heavier impacts.
  • X-Large: For individuals weighing 200 pounds and up, X-large shin guards ensure adequate protection for larger frames while maintaining comfort and mobility.
How to Choose Your Size:
  • Weigh yourself to determine your current weight.
  • Refer to the size guide above to find the corresponding shin guard size.
Remember that fitting may vary depending on the manufacturer, so it's best to try them on if possible. Proper fit is essential not just for comfort but also for the shin guards to function effectively in protecting you. If you're at the borderline between two sizes, consider the fit you prefer—tighter for more security or looser for flexibility—and the type of padding you feel most comfortable with.Always invest in high-quality shin guards to ensure the best protection while practicing Muay Thai. Train safely!
Cageside Warranty Information: Experience peace of mind with Cageside fight gear's 6-month warranty, safeguarding against defects in materials and artistry under regular use. Gear up confidently, knowing your equipment is backed by our commitment to quality.

Cageside Fight Package 1

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