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Trainers Tape * 1" Toro BJJ Tape Jiu Jitsu Cageside Jump Rope * Licorice Speed Rope
Trainers Tape * 1"
Our Price: $3.00
Cageside Jump Rope * Licorice Speed Rope
Our Price: $12.00
Sale Price: $9.00
Savings: $3.00
Trainers Tape

1" x 10 yards.

A must for any gym.

Used for wrapping hands, wrists, ankles and more.
Toro BJJ Finger Tape!

Made in the USA

This is a 3 pack of tape. 1/2 inch wide x 10 yards long

High quality tape that is the perfect size for taping up your fingers for Jiu Jitsu

Easy to rip

Also great for promotion stripes on BJJ belts!

Cageside Speed Jump Rope

9ft Jump Rope

Easy to adjust for any height

Dense, quick moving plastic rope that cuts through the air like a whip

Very important piece of training equipment! Great for warm-ups, pre-stretching, and improving endurance!
CAGESIDE Premium Jump Rope - Ideal for Double Unders Heavy Bag Chain & Swivel 10 Pack of 1" Tape
CAGESIDE Premium Jump Rope - Ideal for Double Unders
Our Price: $25.00
Sale Price: $15.00
Savings: $10.00
Heavy Bag Chain & Swivel
Our Price: $16.00
10 Pack of 1" Tape
Our Price: $25.00
This is an awesome jumprope

This can easily be adjusted to fit any height - up to 6'8"

SUPER fast and smooth.

Ideal for double unders

10 rolls of 1 inch tape. Made in the USA!

High quality tape that is ideal for wrapping fighters hands for fights.

Works great for injuries.

Bulk Gauze & Tape for Wrapping Hands No-Swell (End-Swell) Cageside Cobra Punch Mitts, focus mitts,
No-Swell (End-Swell)
Our Price: $35.00
Package of 10 rolls of gauze and 4 rolls of 1 inch (each roll is 10 yards)

This is enough gauze and tape to wrap 5 pairs of hands for pro or amateur fighting
Stainless Steel No Swell, essential for all corner men and gyms.

Incredibly cold, reduces swelling instantly.

No gym should be without one. Stays cold for hours.
Cageside "Cobra" Focus Mitts

Made of a high quality engineered leather

Dense foam is excellent for absorbing punches for the holder and puncher

Perfect hand compartment fit

Velcro closure helps with wrist support

Light weight for fast mitt work

These mitts are awesome!

A Cageside Fight Company best seller for over 10 years. Hand crafted by experts. Excellent punch mitts with time tested durability. Ideal for working on jabs, straight shots, hooks, uppercuts, angled shots, overhands and more. Preferred curved design is more anatomically correct for athletes, and offers trainers less hand fatigue. Velcro wrist attachment with D-ring secures snug to wrist and hands. Now with more than 2.75” of special contoured shock-absorbing molded padding, and an inside foam rubber palm ball, for all the punishment that can be unleashed. Added back finger cover and wrist pad offer additional benefits. Experience the Cageside difference with these focus mitts!

Size: 9.75” x 7.5” x 2.75”

Cageside Impact Thai Pads, Muay Thai, Kick Pads, Leather, Black and White Cageside UN-filled Muay Thai Heavy Bag, 6ft punching bag, boxing, kick boxing Cageside "BIG" Shield, mma, kick boxing, muay thai, karate, tae kwon do, boxing
Cageside "IMPACT" Curved Thai Pads - LEATHER
Our Price: $100.00
Sale Price: $85.00
Savings: $15.00
Cageside "BIG" Shield
Our Price: $85.00
Cageside Leather "IMPACT" Curved Thai Pads


Made of high quality leather

These are EXCELLENT pads

Each pad is expertly handcrafted


This is for TWO pads

Measurements: 15" long, 8" wide, 4" thick

Dense pad with incredible protection for the wearer YET - they only weigh TWO pounds each

Hook & Loop (VELCRO) fasteners to get the snug fit you desire. We have made the straps LONGER for a better fit.

Curved design provides an easier point of impact for the trainer

Trusted by Muay Thai, MMA and Kickboxing gyms.
The Cageside "Impact" Curved Thai Pads have been a gym standard for over a decade.
Cageside Muay Thai 6 foot (full size)

Muay Thai Bag - unfilled


Heavy Duty Nylex/Nylon bag.

Four seat belt straps with d-rings on top. No chain is needed as you can just attach the 4 straps to 1 carabiner (carabiner not included)

6 feet long. (15" x 72")

When filled weighs up to 100lbs

We suggest filling the bag with old clothing
The Cageside "BIG" Shield

Ideal for ALL Martial Arts training


30 inches tall, 14 inches wide, 7 inches thick

Ultra durable shell

Inside is dense, impact absorbing foam - 7 inches thick!

Light weight - only 4 1/2 pounds

Ergonomic - anti-fatigue handles

3 air vents aid in impact dispersion

Gauze MMA,  USA Boxing and Golden Gloves requirements approved Cageside Thigh Pads Muay Thai Corner Kit MMA Boxing
Cageside Professional Thigh Pads
Our Price: $190.00
Sale Price: $95.00
Savings: $95.00
Cageside "Deluxe" Cornermans Kit
Our Price: $135.00
Sale Price: $115.00
Savings: $20.00
100% premium tri-weave cotton

Seamed edges prevent snags and fraying during wrapping Meets and exceeds all professional sanctioning bodies, USA Boxing and Golden Gloves requirements

2” x 15 yards is ideal for covering and protecting fighters most important assets – their hands

Cageside Professional Thigh Pads * FREE Shipping in the lower 48 states

Cageside Professional Thigh Pads are designed to protect the trainers thighs while holding pads.

*Essential equipment that allows the coach to teach leg kicks which also holding thai pads and having the ability to move around.

* TWO Pads are included - one for each leg.

* Each pad weighs 4lbs - making them light weight yet extremely durable.

* Heavy duty pads constructed of durable Engineered Leather with high density foam core for maximum shock absorbency.

* Nearly 4 inches thick.

* Each pad is equipped with a velcro strap which fits around the waist - ensuring a proper fit

* Each pad features inner straps to adjust to the coaches needed fit

* A belly pad can be worn comfortably while wearing the thigh pads (not included)

Size: One size fits most
Cageside "Deluxe" Cornerman's Kit


- Reusable Ice Bag

- No Swell/Swell Reducer

- Trainers Scissors

- 10 Rolls of Gauze

- 4 Rolls of 1" Tape

- Jar of Vaseline

- 4 Pairs of Cornernman Gloves

- 10 Extra Long Cotton Swabs

- 1 Emergency Mouthguard (For the fighter who forgets his/her mouthguard)

- Carry Bin
Cageside Muay Thai Bag 6 ft Cageside wall mount punching upper cut bag BJJ Tatami mats free shipping home mats
Cageside FILLED Muay Thai Heavy Bag - 6ft (In store pick up only)
Our Price: $150.00
Sale Price: $125.00
Savings: $25.00
Cageside Muay Thai Bag 6 foot (full size)

Muay Thai Bag - FILLED.

**In Store Pick Up Only**
124 Latta Rd
Durham, NC 27712


Heavy Duty Nylex/Nylon bag.

Four seat belt straps with d-rings on top. No chain is needed as you can just attach the 4 straps to 1 carabiner (carabiner not included)

6 feet long. (15" x 72")

Cageside "Wall Mount" Punching Station

The perfect punching station for gyms and at home.

Ideal for uppercuts, jabs, hooks, elbows, power shots, kicks and more!

Expertly hand made.

Engineered leather cover is triple stitched at the seams.

Includes raised target zones for precision training.

Packed with specially contoured multi-layered mixed density foam padding for incredible shock absorption and impact resistance.

The training bag measures 24" tall x 16" wide with a 16" deep top (head) and 9" deep bottom (midsection) and weighs approximately 30 lbs.

This MUST be installed into wood studs or cinder blocks/brick walls. Hardware is not included.

**bulk order - $50 shipping added to this item**

Tatami Textured Mats for BJJ & MMA

1" Thick Industrial Reversible EVA Mats - Tatami Surfaced.

Discounts available for orders of 6 packs and up - give us a call: 919-748-9103

FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE LOWER 48 STATES! No shipping to Alaska or Hawaii, sorry



100 SQ FT Per Pack 9 Pieces – Each 40"' x 40" 12 Border pieces included

Thickness: 1”

Interlocking on all sides Solid Blue EVA Foam Tatami Surface on BOTH sides


Industrial Strength Shock Absorbing Protects Floors Easy to Clean Waterproof Lightweight Durable

This product was specifically designed for Wrestling, MMA, BJJ, Judo, Karate, all forms of Martial Arts and Industrial Use.

It has been tested with 300lb wrestlers and never pulled apart.

Being solid material and finished on both sides mean you will have superior durability and functionality.

Each package covers 100 square feet or a 10' x 10' area. Border pieces are included to finish off the edges.