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Super Shorts: The Pinnacle of Innovation in Athletic Apparel for BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai

Introducing the Revolution in Combat Sports Apparel: Super Shorts—Where Functionality Meets Durability. Designed meticulously for the modern combat athlete, our Super Shorts proudly stand at the crossroads of innovation and resilience. Engineered for the rigorous demands of BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai athletes, and fitness enthusiasts, these shorts redefine comfort in training and competition.
Unmatched Lightness: Discover unmatched freedom with the lightest grappling shorts on the market. Weighing a mere 5 ounces for a size MEDIUM, the Super Shorts provide an almost weightless experience, ensuring your movement remains unhindered, fluid, and swift.
Flexibility Without Compromise: The cutting-edge 4-way stretch fabric expands and moves with your body's mechanics, offering an unparalleled range of motion. Whether you're executing complex submissions on the mat or striking with precision, these shorts adapt to your every move.Durability That Lasts: Don’t be fooled by their lightness; the Super Shorts are built to last. Each seam is engineered to endure, making them a reliable partner in your most intense training sessions and battles in the ring or cage.
Versatility for Any Arena: Eligible for competition and perfect for various activities—from Nogi Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai to a rigorous workout or even a casual day at the beach. Their versatility ensures you’re always prepared, no matter where your passion takes you.

Unprecedented Comfort: Say goodbye to Velcro and hello to a seamless experience. The elastic waistband and internal drawstring offer a secure fit without the hassle, allowing for quick changes and a focus on performance. Moisture-wicking and anti-microbial fabric keeps you dry and comfortable, reducing the risk of irritation and ensuring you stay focused on your training.
Practicality Meets Style: With an internal pocket for essentials and sleek sublimated logos that resist cracking or peeling, the Super Shorts blend functionality with aesthetic appeal. The classic black design with crisp white logos ensures you look sharp in every sparring session or competition.
For the Dedicated Athlete: Designed with the dedicated practitioner in mind, Super Shorts are suitable for BJJ athletes, MMA fighters, Muay Thai practitioners, and anyone committed to pushing their limits. Their robust construction and lightweight flexibility make them indispensable to any athlete’s wardrobe.
Your Next Step: Elevate your training experience with Super Shorts by Toro BJJ and feel the difference in every kick, takedown, and sprint. Reliable, comfortable, and incredibly light—they're not just shorts but a statement of dedication to your sport.Join the Toro BJJ family today and redefine your boundaries. These aren't just shorts; they're your armor in pursuing excellence.