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Golden Gun boxing gloves by Cageside featuring a striking yellow and black color schem

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Golden Gun boxing gloves by Cageside featuring a striking yellow and black color schem - Image 1 of 0
Golden Gun boxing gloves by Cageside featuring a striking yellow and black color schem - Image 2 of 0
Golden Gun boxing gloves by Cageside featuring a striking yellow and black color schem - Image 3 of 0

Cageside "Golden Gun" Boxing Gloves

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Step into the ring with Cageside "Golden Gun" Boxing Gloves and feel the difference that premium gear can make. Boxing is not just about throwing punches; it's about throwing them with precision, power, and protection. Choose Cageside and add a touch of gold to your boxing experience.
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Product Code: C-ggbx
Cageside's "Golden Gun" Boxing Gloves!
If you're an experienced boxer, these gloves have all the features you're looking for. They are constructed of high-quality matte-engineered leather, designed to provide optimum performance and durability. Inside is a shock-absorbing, high-density foam core that ensures maximum protection and safety during even the most competitive training sessions.

The Air Max feature aids in sweat absorption and drying, keeping you comfortable as you train with ease. An adjustable Hook & Loop closure offers an individualized fit to ensure your hands are safe and secure while you spar or hit heavy bags. Plus, the thumb is attached for added safety, giving you peace of mind as you work on target accuracy and technique.

Perfect for all your boxing needs, such as bag work, thai pads, focus mitts, name it! Get ready to reach a new level with the Cageside Golden Gun Boxing Glove!

Cageside "Golden Gun" Boxing Gloves:

Premium Matte-Engineered Leather: The robust and stylish finish gives these gloves a sleek look without sacrificing durability. Train hard and look good doing it.
High-Density Foam Core: Push the limits with confidence thanks to the shock-absorbing foam that protects your hands on impact.
Air Max Feature: Stay cool under pressure. Our gloves promote excellent ventilation, preventing sweat buildup during intense training sessions.
Adjustable Hook-and-Loop Closure: A secure Velcro strap allows you to tailor the fit to your preference, ensuring minimal movement and maximum comfort.
Attached is Thumb Design: Safety First! The attached thumbs minimize the risk of injury, allowing you to concentrate on your technique and execution.
Versatile Training Compatibility: These gloves are designed to excel in various training scenarios, from heavy bags to focus mitts.
6-Month Cageside Warranty: Worry less about wear and tear. Our warranty covers material and craftsmanship defects, signaling our commitment to quality.

Boxing Gloves Size Guide:

  • 8oz: This is ideal for youth ages 5 to 12, providing a lightweight and comfortable fit for young practitioners getting started in boxing.
  • 12oz: Recommended for ladies and young teens, offering a balance between protection and agility during training sessions and sparring.
  • 14oz: Suitable for both ladies and men, this size offers enhanced padding and support for moderate to intense training sessions.
  • 16oz: This is considered the ideal training weight and size for adults, providing ample protection and cushioning for heavy bag work, sparring, and overall practice sessions.
Remember to prioritize proper fit and comfort to ensure optimal performance and injury prevention during boxing training.
Cageside Warranty Information: Experience peace of mind with Cageside fight gear's 6-month warranty, safeguarding against defects in materials and artistry under regular use. Gear up confidently, knowing your equipment is backed by our commitment to quality.

Cageside "Golden Gun" Boxing Gloves

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